Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Did i miss something?

i just got off the bus and this boy named bennie (that i like ) sed yew look like this 1 girl but older and shorter. Then this girl named andrea and kyron started laughing is this a joke is he saying im ugly

Did i miss something?
its a kid way of flirting! he doesnt wanna admit he likes you, like most boys dont wanna admit to girls, or friends at his age... i think someone may have a date for the dance coming up!!.. 0:)
Reply:what? did he say the person was ugly? do you think the person is ugly? it was a comparison of similarities and differences. the other two girls are probably laughing at the attempt of the compliment.
Reply:i think he just wanted something to say to you and ask the girls whats so funny maybe their just jealous because he likes you
Reply:i dont think he likes you

Atreyu and Volcom?

haha, i love the band and the brand.. but how do you pronounce them?

like aw-tray-oo or uh-tray-yew.. or i dont know


vole-com , vole-come..

i dont know, i was just wondering.

Atreyu and Volcom?
I like both the band and that brand of clothing myself. haha. How long have you liked each one? You have me curious, since you say you're not sure how to pronounce either one. Anyway, Atreyu is pronounced "uh-tray-ew" and I'm like 99% sure Volcom is pronounced "vole-come", even though I found some other people asking the same thing online and people told the person it's pronounced "vol" (like VOLume), and "com", like COMment. But I'm pretty sure that is wrong.
Reply:meg ive never heard of these bands

Wats that song called....?

it goes liek

something something sweet as apple pie

i forgot it

do yew knw the name of is?

Wats that song called....?
The only one I can think of is Beautiful Delilah; it goes 'Beautiful Delilah, sweet as apple pie'. The Rolling Stones sang it.
Reply:There are many songs that contain the lyric "sweet as apple pie"
Reply:hey there delilah


How do I explain to my mum...?

That hair extensions only are glued to the ends of your hair, it doesn't RUIN all your hair?

Also, if you could tell me a bit more about hair extension, like with the clip on ones, you'd clip them on, but everyone would see the clips, right?

just, please explain to me about hair extensions, all types please, to refresh my memory.

thankers yew=]

How do I explain to my mum...?
Well using glue can actually take your hair out and can be damaging if youre not careful taking them out.I would get sewn in extentions.The person would braid your hair and use thread to sew the extention through the braid. And depending on your hair length, which you said was short, the clips would probably show.....Need any more help let me know!!
Reply:With the clip on ones, you like make a horizontal parting through your hair and clip them in a big long line. They're not noticable unless you do them badly. I'm not too keen on the glue-in ones personally, often you can see the glue and they're pretty difficult to get out.

I definitely think the clip-in ones are better, at least if you get bored of them you can take them out. Or you can alter your style with them and have long hair some days and short hair others, ha.

hope i helped. . . xx
Reply:Tell her the hairdressers are professionals and have put extensions many times in enough to know not to damage it.

But for the clip in extensions it doesnt show the clips because you clip it under some hair.

And real ones are perfectly safe and cant damage your hair. (:

If you have really short hair maybe you should wait awhile..
Reply:I don't think they are glued to the ends of your hair.

It WONT be glued to the ends of your hair, if so... obviously it will be seen!

It is glued to the start of your hair. And ofcos, not on the top of your head. You will have to glue on to the hair of your lower part for your head. So some hair will cover the glue...
Reply:It depends who you get to do them really. The clips are pretty hard to see, you'd have to look for them to notice. Just tell your mother that it's YOUR hair, and it shouldn't even matter to her.

It doesn't ruin your hair either.

Need some stores to get cute spring dresses for eighth grade graduation... :|?




american eagle


already looked these places;; all have the same thing..

yew will be appreciated!!

Need some stores to get cute spring dresses for eighth grade graduation... :|?
wait where do you live? it would be alot helpful if you told us where you lived...that way we could know what stores you have in your area
Reply:honestly target s good


ummm depends on your style!

I need a clubhouse in san antonio texas for miipartyy!!?

heyy guys i need a clubhouse i jst cnat find one it would be so great if someone actually helps me wid thiss

i will luvyew fore4vaa if yew helpp meee;)

i am inviting about 60 people and idk were i cna possibly find one

i need one on may 24!!

please helppmeeee

I need a clubhouse in san antonio texas for miipartyy!!?
Opened in 1984, The Dominion Country Club is an exclusive private club collocated with one of America’s top ten private gated communities. Located in the peaceful wooded Texas Hill Country just 20 minutes from the heart of San Antonio, The Club offers the very finest facilities, service and amenities.

The 54,000 square foot Clubhouse exudes quiet elegance and provides the perfect setting to relax among family and friends - a respite from the stresses of daily life. Courtyards, hand carved Cantera stone columns and arched floor-to-ceiling windows, enhance the old world charm, created by the Renaissance architecture.

Seven separate dining areas ensure Dominion members a complete and delightful variety of dining experiences ranging from gourmet cuisine to regional favorites. Members may select items from the menu or may choose to sample from the buffet at such popular events as Friday Night " Pasta Night," or our exquisite Sunday Brunch. Throughout the year, The Dominion arranges unique dining events. On any given day, a member may come to The Club for breakfast, stay for the Women's Forum Luncheon, or enjoy a gourmet dinner prepared tableside in the dining room.

The Dominion Country Club is San Antonio's premier location for wedding receptions and other special catered events. With a city-wide reputation for service and ambiance, it is also the perfect location for business meetings and banquets.

The Dominion's facilities can accommodate up to 400 people, offering the ideal setting for any occasion. We offer complimentary valet service, personalized menus and other special amenities to meet your every need.


Funny things preschoolers say?

like member the old days when you get into fights in preschool and you would go back and forth calling eachother names...like you but faced but munch......what names did yew used to say

Funny things preschoolers say?
repect me ******!!! really after my head injury i dont remember much of preschool. all i remember doing was eating a styraphome cup. hehehehe rlly
Reply:hey that Griff guy looks HOT!
Reply:my brother said THATS KOOKY! once i laughed so hard i almost peed my pants
Reply:I don't remember much about preschool. I do have fleeting moments where I remember crayons being shoved up my nose and an image of a racoon crawling through a crack between the partially open window and the windowsil of the classroom (long story, scarred for life).